Upgrade Your Toilet In Minutes!
Adding it a Bidex bidet system will make your toilet a complete and efficient sanitary appliance in less than
half an hour!


This video explains in short the installation of the Bidex system on your toilet, as well as its operation.
Notice that the installation of the self-drilling valves is explained in the Installation section.



The Bidex is a lever bidet attached to a toilet seat with a high quality stainless steel hinge. Two models are available, either with a normal seat or long seat to suit your own toilet. You may order a Bidex with left or right-handed levers for maximal conveniance and esthetism.

You can also order a Biddex system alone and install it on your own toilet cover for a maximum esthetism that fits your needs.

Just specifiy on which side of the toilet you want it when you order.


Flow regulator

regulator Adjust the flow as you wish and as you feel most comfortable. Our bidet is pleasant to use and lets you precisely select the water temperature by combining both cool and hot water.

Powerful and precise jet


The jet cleans without discomfort and its adjustable power is perfectly effective.


Bidet lever


The water flow regulator also acts as a handle to tilt the mechanism towards the desired area. Very simple to use, the system discreetly hides against the seat once it is raised. The mechanism automatically gets back in operation position as the seat is folded back. The cleansing of the toilet is done without obstruction thanks to this unique and clever mechanism.


Robust, Durable and Reliable

The tilting jet and the water regulator are manufactured out of stainless steel. This material corrosion-proof and has a great durability.
Are included twelve (12) feet of 1/4" water tubing, made in flexible polyurethane that can withstand up to 150 pounds of pressure.
Two (2) auto-piercing copper valves included for hot and cold water facilitating the installation (see instructions manual).
Two (2) anti-return devices eliminate any loss of water in the system, including adaptors and clamps made out of rigid plastic. Unlike other systems, your hot water will not waste your electricity by flowing into the cold water source. The unit is covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects.


About hygiene...

First to clean, then to wipe efficiently, contribute to daily hygiene. Wiping without washing is not sanitary. It results in incomplete perianal hygiene and further nuisances.

Bidex and its straightforward advantages

Acknowledging the importance of proper hygiene in this domain is a step in the right direction. Hygiene, prevention and health are three words associated to wellbeing. Imagine a world without any toilet, this device so simple but oh so necessary. Why not fully use and enjoy this wonderful invention by completing it with a Bidex system. Bidex is very useful for individuals of any age and is perfectly adapted to people with reduced dexterity (arthritis, physical handicap, obesity, hypersensibility). Even our ancestors would have appreciated the benefits of Bidex!

Bidex and ecology

Bidex is more ecological and environment friendly than chlorine whitened hygienic paper. Let trees live by reducing your paper consumption and therefore contribute to pollution reduction.

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Update your toilet with a Bidex bidet!



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