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For eons of time, water has been a cleansing agent, to refresh and stimulate body, mind, and soul. It is a natural well-spring of wellbeing!

Bidex is a simple and affordable tool which cleans more effectively and is way more hygienic than any regular toilet paper. It makes you feel fresh and clean at all times. The clever use of a regulator valve allows you to choose you preferred water temperature - cool water being strongly advised for those suffering with hemorrhoids, and lukewarm to warm water to improve blood circulation - offers an alternative for costly and abrasive toilet paper. The lever allows you to control the pressure and to direct the water jet with great precision for your comfort. Besides, the three-dimensional mobile quality of the rocker insures a quality of cleanliness highly superior and way more sanitary than any conventional method now in use. Bidex is easily adaptable for all water-closets. Owner or tenant? Bidex is easily removed. If you are moving, bring your Bidex along! This is water at your service! You will wonder how you could have lived without it all this time!

Bidex, who is it for?

To all who wish to increase their level of comfort and hygiene; to women, especially during menstruations and after giving birth; to men and women who suffer from hemorrhoids (piles) or any other chronic or inflammatory illnessess related to the colon or intestines; to those who suffer from a handicap such as chronic obesity or who needs assistance ; to those who suffer from constipation, this problem can be relieved by using the water jet to gently massage the rectal zone. Bidex stimulates blood circulation and strenghtens the tissues. Finally, to those who have an intolerance for hygienic paper.

Discomforts related to gastroenterology troubles

Many suffer from more serious anal diseases. These may cause irritations, burning sensations, bleeding, etc, etc. Whatever may be the nature of the discomfort, these may be alleviated or even prevented simply by modifying the way one takes care of himself. The continual and excessive use of dry hygienic paper tends to damage the sensitive tissues located around the rectum, and this can only perpetuate the problem. Scratching while itching occurs can bring temporary relief but eventually scratching willl only aggravate the situation. Bidex also limits the growth of infections by stopping the proliferation of bacteria which are responsible for them.

In today's civilized world, Bidex has become an essential tool. Once accustomed to this formidable sanitary tool, one finds that he can no longer be without it!

Prevention : First step towards healing

Not only does Bidex insure cleanliness and bring comfort, it prevents infections. Prevention leads to a change in lifestyle and improves health generally. Bidex is used in many countries throughout the world and is presently becoming more and more popular in North America. Studies have shown that once converted to the use of water jet, the consumer never reverts to the use of hygienic paper.

Environmental impact

Today there is more and more consciousness concerning the protection of our forests since human activity has degraded or destroyed almost 80% of the original forests of our planet. The average Canadian uses close to 100 rolls of hygienic paper each year. Close to 170 millions of trees are cut down every year!

Bidex economical impact on the family

As said before, the average Canadian uses about 100 rolls of hygienic paper every year. This is approximately equivalent to 120.00$ every year per family. With Bidex, a family can save 2/3 of the quantity of hygienic paper used every year. Your Bidex is economical!

Health professionals recommend Bidex

I highly recommend this ingenious personal sanitary tool in order to apply prevention through hygiene which is the first step toward healing.

France Leclerc, Nurse, Longueil (Montreal)





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